The Online Middle School Invitational was the inaugural tournament of Democratize Debate, even though we did not yet know it. It simply started out as a tournament to bring debate to Middle Schoolers even during the stressful time of COVID-19, allowing all competitors and judges a brief respite from the monotony of everyday life during quarantine. The charities we donated to were the Center for Disaster Philanthropy as well as a fundraiser that Arnav was running for a local food bank in NorCal, called the SF-Marin Food Bank.




Congrats to Shreyas Kapavarapu, from Athens, for winning the tournament in LD on a nailbiting 4-3 decision. Additional congrats to Yesh Rao, also from Athens, who came in second place!


Congrats to Miller JJ (Aaditya Jain & Aarav Jani) for championing the division and congrats to the runners-up Miller CK (Alan Cai & Snehil Kakani)!

Speaker Awards

Congrats to the top speakers in each category (other speaker awards are published on Tabroom)


– Congratulations to Yesh Rao, from Athens, for 1st speaker!

– Congratulations to Shreyas Kapavarapu, also from Athens, on 2nd speaker!

– Congratulations to Keith Maben, from Golden State, for 3rd speaker!


– Congratulations to Alan Cai, from Miller, for 1st speaker

– Congratulations to Steve Yang, from Miller, for 2nd speaker

– Congratulations to Niranjanraaj Ashok, from Miller, for 3rd speaker


As we all know, the entire point of this tournament was to be a fundraiser for a charity that we believe is doing excellent work for helping mitigate the Coronavirus, and all entry fees went only to judge payments and donations! (note – if you would like to see how the calculations worked out for that send me an email and I’ll send you my Excel sheet)

With a total of just under 60 entries, this tournament raised over 1050 in raw funds and our judge expenditures were about 210, leaving us with a whopping $840 to donate to charity! This was way beyond anything we had ever imagined, which is amazing and inspires us to continue with such projects.

The first charity we are donating to is Global Giving’s Coronavirus Relief Fund – we believe they are doing excellent work towards helping mitigate the coronavirus disaster! We donated $440 to this charity! You can find their information here

The second charitable organization we donated to is the SF-Marin Food Bank, an organization in the Bay Area (where a lot of the competitors, judges and staff are from) through a fundraiser that my sister and I have set up! We decided to donate our remaining $400 towards this organization in order to help the SF-Marin Food Bank with keeping up with the increased number of meal necessities due to the coronavirus. The attached screenshot is of the backend of the fundraiser in which it tracks donations. We made the donation under the name OMS Invitational (standing for Online Middle School Invitational). More information can be found here

Finally, we took screenshots of the process of donation and have kept them in this Google Drive folder for everyone to access and ensure that we donated the money as we said we have!