Here are our closing thoughts, future plans and awards from our inaguaral Democratize Debate Invitational!

To begin with, congratulations are in order!

Let’s begin with LD!

Congratulations to Harrison for closing out the LD division of this tournament, taking home 1st, 2nd and 3rd place! Big congrats to Giovanni Cutri, from Harrison, for taking 1st place and Sonali Nicola, also from Harrison, for taking 2nd place. 

Next, speaker awards in LD!

  • Coming in first, we have Giovanni Cutri again, from Harrison, coming in at a resounding 119.10/120 speaks!
  • In second, Sonali Nicola, also from Harrison
  • In third, Rebecca Anderson, also from Harrison
  • In fourth, Ben Freda-Eskenazi from Tulip’s Kahoot Academy
  • And in fifth, James Cox, from Harrison

Moving on to SPAR:

  • Congratulations to BCAcademy’s David Paik for winning the SPAR division!
  • Additional congratulations to BCAcademy’s Akira Yoshiyama for coming in second!

Finally, PF Awards and Champions!

  • Congratulations to BCAcademy PY (Paik and Yoshiyama) for winning PF on a resounding 3-0!
  • Additional congratulations to Joaquin Miller LM (Loonawat and Mishra) for coming in 2nd!

PF Speaker Awards:

  • Coming in first, Tim Kang, from BCAcademy!
  • In second, Akira Yoshiyama again from BCAcademy
  • In third place, we have Daniel Choi, also from BCAcademy
  • In fourth place, we have Kate Choi, also from BCAcademy
  • In fifth place, we have Aanya Mishra, from Joaquin Miller LM

Next, judge recognition

None of what we do at Democratize Debate, from running tournaments and practice rounds to helping provide funds to those in need is possible without the help of our amazing judges, especially those who judge for well below rates at other tournaments, as they help us preserve funds to help fund those competitors in need!

In order to recognize judges, who are without a doubt the unsung heroes of our tournaments, we have decided to create a leaderboard of all judges given how much they have donated to the charity by judging for less than what others would usually charge and is then converted into a points system that we track in our database. This leaderboard will also be going up on our website by the end of the day tomorrow, so judges, please make sure to send me the name by which you would like to be seen on our website (it can be your actual name or an alias, whichever is more comfortable). The leaderboard of our hired judges can be seen below, and will continue changing as we host more tournaments and get more judges. 

Additionally, we created bonus structures to reward those judges who were punctual and worked hard to write high quality RFDs. We have changed up our original structure and gave a 10% bonus for punctuality (which everyone at this tournament received for being amazing!) and a 10% bonus for high quality RFDs. For those judges who charged for their services, this will be factored into your payment as well as your position on the leaderboard, and for those who donated their time, this will be factored into your position on the leaderboard. 

The leaderboard:


Evidently, the entire point of this tournament was to garner as many funds as possible to be able to donate to the Democratize Debate nonprofit, and we absolutely smashed our goal this time around!

We began planning this tournament with hopes to beat our donation of 840 at our previous tournament by getting $1000 at this tournament donated. However, with the help of our gracious competitors and wonderful judges, we managed to raise a whopping $1719.41 of sheer revenue, which is absolutely amazing! After taking out costs such as purchasing Zoom, keeping our website running and judge payments etc for the next few months, we are left with a massive $1530.49 to donate to those competitors that need it!

We simply cannot thank everyone enough for their help and are now setting an even more ambitious goal of donating $2500 at our next tournament!

Finally, future plans

We are already planning our next two tournaments and are excited to extend everyone that participated in this tournament an invitation before everyone else!

We are tentatively planning our next tournament for the weekend of 7/31-8/2 and the tournament after that for the last weekend in August, right as we segue into the beginning of the new debate season. After that point, we will continue to host monthly tournaments online to provide a competitive practice experience for those invested in getting better in addition to other services that we will be announcing soon.

A few relevant changes we will be making

  • We will definitely be shipping trophies out to winners and top speakers – we are still trying to get them made for this tournament, but will definitely have them by the next time around 🙂
  • We will create JV and Varsity divisions and more actively market the tournament to high schoolers to make this a more enticing opportunity for them
  • We will reopen speech for those interested in competing!

That was our final wrap-up letter for our Democratize Debate Invitational! We are looking forward to hosting all our schools again at our next tournament!