Our most prudent source of gaining funds to give away to the students in need is by running a tournament every one to two months, either exclusively for middle schoolers or with both JV/Varsity divisions to ensure we can get as many participants as possible. 

Every tournament, is set up in the backend and it is run through Tabroom and Slack, with the latter being used to organize video calls. In the past we have used both Zoom and Google Meets, but are planning to switch over exclusively to Zoom to ensure we can get high quality video and recording capacity. 

We may also choose to livestream final rounds, so stay tuned for that on our site!

Judges who wish to be hired or to volunteer (the latter is preferred as we are a nonprofit that donates all of our money) can reach out to info@democratizedebate.org to get approved by our team. Once you are approved, go ahead and sign up on the Tabroom link that pertains to the tournament for which you have been approved.

Our next tournament can be found at: https://democratize.tabroom.com. Interested in competing? Go ahead and sign up on the Tabroom page!

Have any further questions? Fill out our Contact Us Form or email us at info@democratizedebate.org

For information about our previous tournaments, take a look below, where we have written information about each tournament, as well as recognition for those who performed exceptionally well!