Welcome to the wrap up message for The Democratize LD Invitational that took place from August 7, 2020 to August 8, 2020!

To begin with, congratulations are in order!

Congratulations to Harrison for closing out the LD division of this tournament, taking home 1st and 2nd place! Congrats to Giovanni Cutri, from Harrison, for taking 1st place and Rebecca Anderson, also from Harrison, for taking 2nd place.

Next, speaker awards in LD!

  • Coming in first, we have Giovanni Cutri again, from Harrison
  • In second, Rebecca Anderson, also from Harrison
  • In third, Annie Cheng, also from Harrison

Next, judge recognition

None of what we do at Democratize Debate, from running tournaments and practice rounds to helping provide funds to those in need is possible without the help of our amazing judges, especially those who judge for well below rates at other tournaments, as they help us preserve funds to help fund those competitors in need!

In order to recognize judges, who are without a doubt the unsung heroes of our tournaments, we have decided to create a leaderboard of all judges given how much they have donated to the charity by judging for less than what others would usually charge and is then converted into a points system that we track in our database. This leaderboard will also be going up on our website by the end of the day tomorrow, so judges, please make sure to send me the name by which you would like to be seen on our website (it can be your actual name or an alias, whichever is more comfortable). In order to preserve judge anonymity at the moment, we have not published their names below for this tournament – they will go up soon on our website and our app (more coming soon!!)


The entire point of this tournament was to garner as many funds as possible to be able to donate to the Democratize Debate nonprofit, and we absolutely smashed our goal this time around!

Given that this tournament was limited to LD only, we still managed to raise a whopping $500, for which we thank all of our competitors, coaches and judges involved in the tournament as you all help make the debate society less exclusive and break down the barriers to fair and equal competition for all!

Please note that if you would like to further contribute to our mission, we have a donation portal on our website that allows you to make an even bigger contribution to the debate society than you already do! You can find it at https://democratizedebate.org/donate/! We greatly appreciate all donations, whether big or small! All donations will also be made permanent on our leaderboard, using our standard conversion into points!

Finally, future plans

We will be hosting our future tournament on the SO20 topic likely towards the middle of October, the weekend after Bronx (nothing confirmed)! Stay tuned for our final dates!

  • Given that many competitors were unable to compete due to lack of schools being open, we hope that we will garner a much larger crowd, especially as competitors look to gain practice
  • Our trophies have been ordered but did not arrive in time for them to be shipped for this tournament. We will try to get them out to the champions if still possible
  • We may consider running single event tournaments more frequently like this one to run shorter tournaments
  • Finally, our BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT YET: We will soon be launching a mobile application with new features, including a new approach to practice rounds given the nature of tournaments this year! Stay tuned for more information and announcements about that platform, which we’re going to have out very soon!

And there we have it!

Those were our closing thoughts about this tournament and future plans! Congratulations again to all judges and competitors for performing so well this weekend and we are looking forward to seeing you all next time!

Arnav Garg