At Democratize Debate, we love recognizing judges for their hard work in starting rounds on time, as well as giving high quality feedback. Thus, we’ve decided to create a leaderboard, which recognizes judges for donating their time via judging rounds for lower than usual costs or free, allowing them to move up in the rankings by donating more time.

Additionally, for the higher quality RFDs judges write and the more punctual they are, they receive 10% bonuses for each, which is applied to their final payment as well as to their points to help them move up in rankings.


(Updated 6.29.2020)

Judge NamePoints
Justin Hammond770
David Dempsey720
Sophia Kittell660
Justin Jang660
Jenni Whitman600
Ananya Natchukuri550
Joseph Wofford550
Amelia Ritenour495
Nicky Smith480
Anonymous 2360
Anonymous 1120
Sid Danave120
Anonymous 366