Arnav is a rising sophomore at Saratoga High School in Saratoga, CA, with a major passion for LD Debate. He has been competing in speech and debate for nearly five years, and has also coached many students at his local middle school.

Having noted how many competitors were unable to achieve their full potential in Speech and Debate due to raised costs of tournament entry as well as immense travel costs to travel the country, Arnav had always wanted to help competitors like this achieve their full potential by helping them afford their costs, creating the idea of Democratize Debate.

After a tremendous success at the first tournament that Arnav ran, the Online Middle School Invitational, which was donating explicitly to COVID-19 relief, he realized this may be the desired outlet for him to both gain the funds to help run this program while also raising awareness in the Speech and Debate community that such a resource exists.

Program Role

As a member of the Democratize Debate organization, Arnav’s role with the nonprofit consists of a few parts: Founding the organization, acting as the CEO of the organization, increasing publicity for tournaments that Democratize is running, running the entirety of the tournament backend and managing the finances and nonprofit status of the organization.

With all these roles, Arnav mainly heads the main operations of the business, contacting program directors and working on applying for nonprofit status for the organization in the state of California. Additionally, he is familiar with the basics of running a tournament through Tabroom, allowing him to take care of running the backend for all tournaments that are being hosted by Democratize. Arnav also takes care of managing all judge hire requests etc for tournaments, and is the main person who responds to emails at

Arnav is super excited to finally be able to realize the vision he had of making Speech and Debate more accessible and inclusive!