Democratize Debate was founded by Arnav Garg, who has a passion not only for Debate, but for making the Speech and Debate community as a whole more inclusive. Initially starting out as a simple online tournament to keep Middle School debate going during the stressful time of COVID-19, this organization has thus blossomed into something entirely different: a group hoping to make a lasting impact on Speech and Debate by breaking down the walls that currently separate affluent Speech & Debaters and their less fortunate peers who may be inhibited from performing at their absolute best because of financial constraints.

In addition to Arnav, a few other team members assist with running tournaments, primarily ensuring that the Slack runs smoothly and there are no holdups during tournaments.

The members who run this team are all high schoolers who have a major interest in speech and debate and are trying to make the speech and debate activity more accessible by ensuring that they can help fund others through their project, Democratize Debate!

Meet The Team